Learning Styles To Understand When Coaching Maths

3 Learning Styles Maths Tutors Need To Be Aware Of: What’s Yours?

There are three different styles of learning that people use regularly when they are studying mathematics, and you may not even realize the perfect style for you that will help you learn the easiest and fastest. We are going to explain the three mathematics learning styles in greater detail below, and you should pay close attention if you struggle with learning or if your child struggles with learning.

Once you understand your favorite maths learning style, you’ll have an easier time picking up concepts and problem solving skills. If your child is struggling with learning when working with their maths tutor, help them figure out which learning style works best for them because it will greatly help them to improve their education and mathematics problem solving ability.

Auditory Learning

The auditory learners are the people that learn the best through hearing and sound. If you like to listen to your maths teacher and you absorb information better this way, you are ultimately an auditory learner. Those of you that learn, remember and understand things better that they hear will benefit by learning and studying in an auditory fashion. You store information through sound, so obviously sound is going to be the best way for you to remember and learn things more easily when studying mathematics concepts.

Visual Learning

Other people experience the most benefits when they learn visually. Visual learners will pick up information better in a written or picture format.
As an example, let’s say that you regularly fade out when the teacher is talking and you learn very little. But then you pick up your textbook and
start to read the information and everything clicks. This is proof positive that you are a visual learner.

Tactile Learning

Tactile learners learn by doing things and touching things. Physical movement is the ideal way to help you remember things. So follow a hands-
on approach that allows you to draw, build, move and touch in order to improve your learning skills.

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